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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coromo, chapter 2, parts 588 - 591

588. On the last day of the week he expected the sisters to arrive he came back from one of his trips to the computer room to find a woman looking at his paintings, standing at his bussing station.

589. The woman who was looking at Coromo's paintings; how can I describe her? She was like a three hundred pound version of Tallulah Bankhead, and like Toulua all of her gestures were exaggerated, and all of her remarks were overly dramatic. She was a cartoon of herself.  She was the type of woman who would stop a stranger in the street to ask about their shoes, and then proceed to invite them to dinner.

590. She  would call 911 because a baby was crying in a restaurant. She would give a hundred dollar bill to a bum, but tell them to their face that they stank. She was very smart, she was clever and observant, she was ugly, wore too much lipstick,   put on as if she had the palsy. Her husband looked like Stan Laurel, walked three paces behind her, never contradicted her, and loved her very much. It was this woman who demanded to know who the person was that had painted the paintings.

591. She said to him "Who painted these pictures young man?"  Coromo replied, "They were painted by some children in my village, and they are a gift for some women who visited my village last year. "You're a liar", said Tallulah

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