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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 656 - 659

656. The cavemen had five fingers, but that is not the only thing I share with them, they also had a spleen and lungs, toenails and eyelashes. Cavemen used to have stomach pains, and come down with colds. Old cavemen had heart trouble and diabetes, dry skin and hearing loss. I can picture some caveman with an abscess tooth, unable to get to sleep all night because of the pain, and another caveman  asleep nearby in the middle of a pleasant dream, because cavemen sometimes must have had pleasant dreams.

657. If you consider the skin as a boundary, then everything under the skin for both the caveman and myself is exactly the same down to the the corpuscle, but outside of the skin everything is astoundingly different.

658. "Now look at this", said Buboni, holding up an image on his Ipad for us to consider. "It is a set of the decorative patterns found on  ancient pottery and used to cover the entire surface of those works.

659. Now look at this mans face, he has gone through all the bother of putting similar patterns all over his face.

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