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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coromo, Chapter 2, parts 604 - 607

604. They agreed on the price of ten dollars but Tallulia had some requests, she wanted him to do several things, he had to sign all of the paintings on the front in the bottom corner, after that he had to write on the back of each painting the title, the date it was painted, and then it had to be signed again. "What is your name?" she said. "Coromo," he replied.

605. When Coromo said his name the professional art dealer in Tallulia kicked in, and she did not react in any way. She had expected to hear some nondescript useless name of no use in the art field, and she had already wondered what argument she would use to convince Coromo to put some other more marketable name on his paintings.

606. But now she had the name Coromo to try to market, she could not think of a better name. Tallulia's reasoning went something like this.

607. Rothko was famous because his name was Rothko, if he had used his actual name of Marcus Rothkowitz he would probably be unknown.

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  1. I have really enjoyed your story and cannot wait to see how the tale continues. I really like your wandering off tangent and reconnecting the story together. There were some good cliff hangers in there and it was interesting. My only disappointment is that the three posts a day are not nearly enough! Hope to run into you in the real world again and talk in person. To random encounters and the people one meets! :) Thank you Richard for creating and sharing this with me! I am delighted!