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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coromo, chapter 2, parts 580 - 583

580. Back at the resort Coromo often went into the room reserved for guests to surf on the computers. Most of the guests had laptops and wi-fi, but the few who didn't used the computer room. He had an e-mail account he set up shortly after the sisters left, and here he received many thousands of e-mail messages from the younger sister.

581. I refuse to give you any of the details of those e-mails, I think it would be wrong. How would you like it if you were involved in an e-mail correspondence with someone, and in your e-mail were all sorts of talk about skin texture, kissing, "the stars at night looking down on us both," and that sort of thing, and then you found some of it printed out for anyone to read on the Internet? I bet you would be upset wouldn't you.

582. I am going to respect their privacy and say nothing about their messages except to point out that even though Coromo had 6435 messages in his in-box from his new friend, not one of them mentioned that the sisters were going to Aruba that year for their vacation.

583. Coromo was in for a big disappointment that year, but it would all work out for the best in the end. His relationship with that younger sister would have never worked out anyway, they just did not have enough in common.

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