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Monday, September 24, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 648 - 651

 648. When Aunt Jemima finished talking about Coromo for a moment, I asked her a question.  "Why is it," I wanted to know, "That so many rich tourists when they are spending time at a resort, decide to do oil paintings? She said she was not exaggerating about the French Landscape Painters Easels being left behind, but she had no idea why they want to express themselves two or three weeks out of the year.

649. I was certain Buboni would have an opinion and I was right, because he was anxious to offer this explanation. "The answer can be found", he said, "in an examination of the tools of the cavemen that we find in anthropological museum collections. Those tools make it quite clear what is going on with the purchase of the French Landscape Painters Easels." I  took a look at the Duck to ascertain if he thought Buboni was drifting back into his fever.

650. But the Duck apparently agreed with Buboni that the caveman articles and the French easels were related, because he said, "Not only the caveman articles and the French Easels are related, but we also have to consider the Peasant Village Marie Antoinette built in which she milked cows and sheared sheep, it too could be said to be an example of the French Easel Syndrome."

651. "Is the French Easel Syndrome anything like Stendhal's Syndrome I asked.  "No," Buboni and the Duck replied emphatically and in unison, "The French Easel Syndrome and Stendhal's syndrome are polar opposites.

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