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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coromo, Chapter 2, parts 608 - 611

608. Then there was Franz Knine, who did not need to change his name, because a one syllable name ending in a vowel can not be improved on. That is the reason that Vladimirov Javacheff used his first name of Christo to create his carreer, since his last name could not be pronounced except in Greek.

609. People like Jackson Pollock, and Pablo Picasso had no problems because they were blessed at birth with melodious and memorable names, but one can't forget the example of Robert Allen Zimmermam. And we have to mention, mention Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech, who only had to shorten his name a little.

610 Tallulia explained it like this, "There was a famous organist once whose name was E. Power Biggs, who sold millions of copies of his performances of the music of J.S. Bach, but he would be unknown if his name had been E. Weakness Small. But then, on the other hand, I suppose Bach would be famous even if his name had been cgzfpqzdx.

611. Ms. Tallulia purchased Coromo's paintings for ten dollars, and I would like to remind you that he had been intending to spend ten dollars for his art supplies. If he had spent ten dollars he would have broken even, but as it worked out the ten he made was clear profit. When Ms Tallulia left she gave him some instructions in a very serious tone.

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