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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Coromo Chapter 2, parts 560 - 563

560. When the year came round again, and the tourist season was in full swing, Coromo gave some though to those three sisters, and their eventual return. He had hoped to be able to show them a lot of drawings and paintings done by the children, but that was not a possibility, because in his village there were no refrigerators on which a few paintings might have been preserved.

561. Coromo decided to do a dishonest, but entirely understandable thing; he decided to do a set of little paintings and pass them off as having been done by the children. He intended to give these little paintings to the three sisters as gifts, showing his appreciation for their generosity.

562. There was the problem of the materials however, so he went to the store that supplied every sort of luxury item for the tourists, intent on buying just enough supplies to do his paintings for the sisters.

563.  Coromo first set aside from his pay four dollars for the purchase of art supplies, but then on second thought increased the amount to eight dollars, and finally settled on ten dollars total, although he really couldn't afford that much.

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