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Friday, December 28, 2012

Duck Theology, parts 1026 - 1029

1026. This is what God told Rose to write, I am copying it out just as he dictated it, mistakes and all. "Dear Koromo, It has come to my attention that you have raised the prices for your paintings up to 19.95, this is a serious mistake on your part. No one will even consider purchasing paintings for that price, have some common sense and put your prices back down to too dollars, just like all of the other artists out on the chain-link fence." 

1027. "If you don't was to sell for two dollars, than just make the price two hundred dollars, those tourists are just a bunch a stupid rich people who...those tourists are just well-meaning rich people who don't distinguish between to dollars, and too hundred, but they think that things priced at 19.95 must be junk straight out of WalMart. A tourist is just as likely to pay two hundred, as two dollars, that is what they are like, take my word for it, I have know lots of them over the years.

1028. That was God's e-mail to Coromo, sent by way of Rose VanDusenberg, full of typing mistakes because he never re-read his notes being so busy all the time. I was happy to see that he mixed up to, too, and two, just like I do constantly. 

1029. While Aunt Jemima had been telling us about the activities of Coromo and Rose VanDusenberg, I couldn't help but notice a wry smile playing across Buboni's face from time to time, and his agitation as he listened to her story mounted till finally he interrupted her with a serious admonition. "It's garbage, Jemima," he said, "This entire story of Coromo is being made up out of whole cloth. No such person ever existed, that is obvious, very obvious!"

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