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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 950 - 953

950.  Rose: If you go down to the village just a mile from the resort you will see this color idea used on all of the buildings completely by accident. A wall is painted yellow one year, and then green at another time, later the wall is covered over with a rose red, and then one color breaks through another in the most sensuous way.

951. All of this color would be jarring to the eye except that the sun, the wind and the rain temper and age all of the colors so in the end all of the tints combine in a way that is entirely harmonious. This effect can not be imitated by just taking a bunch of different colors and splashing them all over the place, if you do that the result is hideous. 

952. The mixture of  many random colors only works if time and the weather work on them. If one is to imitate this effect every color must be selected and adjusted with great care, only an artist's eye such as you and I have can accomplish this task.

953. Rose then applied her theory to Coromo's paintings, pointing out how he may have painted the grass pink, and the lion's face purple, but it was not any pink, and it was not just any purple. The delicate adjustment of these tints was what made Coromo's paintings wonderful, because he was a natural born colorist. 

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