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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 1022 - 1025

1022. God had Rose write an e-mail to the restaurant manager, he dictated the e-mail quietly right into Rose's ear, and for Rose it just seemed to be that she suddenly had a very good, generous idea she had to act upon that very moment. It was an entirely unselfish impulse, it took her by storm. After she wrote the e-mail, she had a wonderful feeling of well-being, and went for a long walk in some public gardens, and felt dreamy and light headed.

1023. She came across some wonderful roses, stopped to admire them, and said to herself, "I am Rose." Years later she would remember that walk in the public gardens and wonder about it and ask herself, 'Why was that such a wonderful walk, so much so that I keep measuring everything else that happens in my life by it, God, it was like I was in heaven that afternoon.

1024. The ground had been prepared for Rose to send the e-mail because of a sarcastic message she had received from the restaurant manager about Coromo's paintings. Here is what the manager wrote to Rose. "Poor Coromo, he just found out his paintings cost twenty dollars to paint, and he had been selling them for two dollars apiece. He has decided to charge $19.95 for each picture, and now nobody is interested in his masterpieces anymore." 

1025. This was a vindictive e-mail, full of spite, in which he was trying to point out how stupid Coromo was, and by default, implying that all of Rose's ideas and decisions were probably just a dumb. This message had been rankling in the back of Rose's mind, so God's encouragement to her to write an e-mail to the manager  about Coromo had been well prepared.

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