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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 1018 - 1021

1018. Not only that but God has a nice habit of canceling all debts accruing to Him every  so many years, something the credit card companies never do. They pursue those debts with religious fervor.

1019. Why would the credit card companies extend credit to Coromo, a person who had no assets, and almost no income to speak of? It was a simple matter of actuarial science. Those credit card companies knew that art supply purchases are risk free because only the rich ever buy the stuff and, even though the rich don't always pay their bills, still you can squeeze it out of them later with no trouble.

1020. The only thing that troubled Coromo was the consideration that someday he was going to have to pay the loan back, or stop purchasing the supplies. That old fear that he was being slowly lured into a trap to be punished rather than having his prayers answered began to torment him again, and so he resumed praying, asking for God to send him some sign or message to tell him his prayers were truly being answered so he could proceed.

1021. God, at that moment was busy making sure a man who had just been served by a lawyer with divorce papers was also going to get a ticket for parking in the handicapped space he had overlooked because he was so nervous about the lawyer's appointment. We don't really know at this point why God wanted the poor man to have that ticket, but it didn't happen anyway, because God immediately turned his attention to Coromo when he heard the new request. 

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