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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 938 - 941

938. And what is there to learn for new artists by looking at the pictures of Picasso too carefully.  Does one ever hope to be considered a 'follower of Picasso'. That would be a deadly title. There is a reason there were followers of Rembrandt and followers of Michelangelo, because they worked in a tradition the arc of which lasted a hundred years so there was something to follow.

 939. All modern artists are one of a kind, if they are not one of a kind they are nothing at all, so to copy, to follow, to even 'learn from' others is a serious mistake. Coromo could only proceed when he decided to close the art history book and forget about it all together and fortunately that day was not far off.   

940. But for the moment he had to decide what to do about the command from Rose VanDusenberg to bring all of his painting to her the next day. What would she make of his paintings? Would she ask him if they were done by some village idiot. Purple horses, pink bicycles, a black and red striped bus with dogs looking out of the windows, dogs with faces half yellow and half orange. 

941. He had only one painting of which he was proud, and on which he placed all his hopes to be taken seriously, it was a religious picture, Christ being taken down from the cross. He was surprised to find this idea painted by many artists in the past, and he saw also that painters as modern as Gauguin painted religious images.

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