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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Duck Theology, parts 1034 - 1037

1034. "Your story is a work of art Jemima," said Buboni. "To bad there is not some secretary around to write it all down and preserve it as a work of literature, instead of it existing only as our idle chit-chat." 

1035. I had another point of view that I kept to myself, out of a desire not to upset Buboni and expose what I thought were his true feelings. I suspected that he was jealous of Coromo, and truly hoped that he did not really exist and was just a fiction of Jemima's imagination. I would guess that Aunt Jemima was probably 50, and Buboni was about 63, and Coromo, if he actually existed would be about 28, that should sufficiently explain the art historian's anxiety.

1036. As so often happened, the Duck, who had been listening silently, had a completely different take on the entire story, he thought it was a beautiful work of fiction created by Aunt Jemima, and yet also 'very nearly the truth', as he was so fond of saying.

1037. "Interestingly enough," said the Duck, "there are many precedents of authors knowing the prayers of the characters they are creating, and also authors who profess to know the prayers of characters who actually existed. Descriptions of prayer has a long and important history in literature not least of which is King David's Psalms. Homer gives us Odysseus' prayers in the Odyssey, and those prayers have a remarkable similarity to Coromo's, which I would like to point out.

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