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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 1006 - 1009

1006. At first it was just two or three artists, but by the end of the season the entire half mile from the resort to the village was crowded with exhibitors, and the more of them there were the more successful the trade became, since it became a necessity for every tourist to buy several pictures for themselves, and extras as gifts for friends and the family.

1007. Trips to the village now became a necessary part of the resort experience, so much so that the resort management made plans to feature an article about it in its next annual brochure. Coromo's village was in the interior, however, so he was not even aware of this explosion of art activity he had been the cause of. He did not know about those artists, but they knew about him, they did not know him by name. He was referred to as "Somgy."

1008. He was called Somgi, because of this oft-repeated phrase, "Some Guy is selling dumb pictures of blue cats and purple dogs to the tourists for a buck a piece.

1009. All of these new artists did not have the problem of the expense of art supplies because it never entered their heads to go looking for oil paint, linseed oil, turpentine or stretched canvases; they had never heard of such stuff. For materials they did not go to any art supply store, but instead headed off to the local landfill, in search of old cans of roofing tar, or half filled-paint cans, scrap pieces of lumber and that sort of thing.

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