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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rose VanDusenbergl, parts 982.- 985

982. "Coromo, you have been framing and selling five dollar bills for a dollar each." How the manager looked forward to saying this, and putting the dumb waiter turned artist in his place. But he would pretend to be sympathetic, and offer some good business advice.

983. The day the manager anticipated did come as Coromo was about to paint his last picture on the canvases sent to him by Tallulah. In the bottom of the cardboard UPS box he came across the packing slip with a list of the materials and their prices. He had looked at the price list long ago, but, not being interested in it at the time he had forgotten all about it.

984. Now, when he had to consider replacing the canvases, he looked at both the invoice, and also the catalogue of art materials that was also enclosed in the crate. He intended to look up the price of the canvases but his attention was diverted by the price list just for the tubes of paint.

985. His favorite color was cadmium red light, and it cost over fifty dollars, fifty dollars for a tube like a small tube of tooth paste.  He rummaged through his cigar box of oil paint and found that his cadmium red light was all used up, and his cadmium medium was almost gone also. Just these two tubes of paint amounted to nearly a hundred dollars. 

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