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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 962 - 965

962. He made up his mind to hang his pictures in the restaurant as Rose had commanded him to do, but under no circumstances was he going to take credit for them or tell anyone he had painted them. The manager knew, but he could do nothing about that.

963. A week later, after dinner, a crew of painters and decorators invaded the dining room and worked all night and through the following day. At dinner-time the room was ready for business.  All the walls were transformed with various colors, and all the furniture was replaced with rustic chairs and tables, It was a shocking transformation, but what followed was even more shocking to Coromo. 

964. What followed was...nothing!  The guests of the resort had no reaction at all to the room's transformation. They neither commented about the color, or remarked about the change of the furniture. No one took the least interest in the new pictures. Coromo's paintings were not subjected to ridicule, on the contrary, it was as if his pictures were not there at all; nobody looked at them.

965. There was something strange and impossible to him about the reaction of the resort guests to the re-design of the dining-room. He was reminded again of that Bible verse, 'Having eyes they see not.' In a way he was happy about the reaction because he expected to be in an embarrassing spotlight, but his things seemed to be simply invisible.

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