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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mrs. Festini's Hat Box, parts 1218 - 1221

1218. What was Mrs. Festini's crime you might ask me. I know exactly what her crime was. It was the same transgression Josef K. committed in The Trial by Franz Kafka; a crime committed long ago, not knowable to the self, the details of which are buried in the sub-conscious where the defendant can not see them.

1219. One of her lectures was about the personalities of artists and it touched on the very things we have been talking about just now. She felt that there were two distinct types of artistic personalities, characters as different as day and night. One could be likened to the father of Antonio Kroger that Buboni was just talking about, and the other temperament was like that of the mother. In-other-words, the flamboyant personality, and the reserved personality.

1220. And our Mrs. Festini could not be categorized as either one or the other. If you considered her paintings, which anyone could see because she had them hanging in several restaurants in the city, you would think she was the most reserved, exacting, precise and painstaking person possible.  But to listen to her talk about art, one got the opposite impression. I will give you an example of what I mean. One day she projected details of the paintings of John Singer Sargent.

1221. John Singer Sargent's paintings were really the exact opposite of Mrs. Festini's paintings and this is what she had to say about his work. She started her lecture with the words "Once Upon a Time."

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