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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mrs. Festini's Hat Box, parts 1278 - 1281

1278. God doesn't  concern himself with grains of sand, and he never bothers anymore about sunsets, mists and moonlight. He created it all long ago, and now sits in anger with his back turned to us, letting it all go slowly to pieces.  Once in a while he turns his attention to all he created only to fetch it a blow. I don't know why, either it was too perfect, or it didn't measure up to his standards, but care about it, he no longer does."

1279. But although I don't think God cares about his creation, I certainly care to find out what happened to poor Otis whom you left in the woods. You told us a disaster is approaching, but somehow I have a feeling he will survive.

1280. The Duck could see that Jemima's attack on his theology was just an excuse to get him to go back and finish the account of Otis' adventures of a thousand years ago, and he promised to do that but first, before returning to that story, he wanted to know if I thought Buboni's speculations about Mrs. Festini were correct or not.

 1281. I knew the answer to his question, but I ask you, how could I answer him without revealing the fact that I knew all about Festini's school days, and I knew about her childhood, and her relationship to her parents and her brothers and sisters. I knew all those things, even though nobody ever wrote her biography. I knew all about it because at one time or another she told me her life's story.

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