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Friday, February 1, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1170 - 1173

1170. It was Ottus who was the first to notice that our Otis looked too much like a dog, and that something had to be done about it. It was the commander himself who suggested the spying assignment and it is easy to see his ulterior motive, he knew that in time it would be easy to find fault with his performance and have him turned out into the wild completely.

1171. All that was necessary was an accident during a raid to a farmstead in which someone was caught or injured. If this happened it would be easy to cast suspicion onto the spy, and suggest he was acting as a double agent. The entire wolf community was expecting this to happen anyway so, as in the past it was inevitable. But no accident had yet happened to facilitate the old grey wolf's insidious plan.

1172. As time went by the situation of  Ottus the Commander became more and more untenable. There was always the possibility that Otis would revolt if he was ostracized, if such a confrontation arose the outcome was hardly a foregone conclusion. He was uncertain if the rest of the wolves would join him in attacking Otis, it was all a matter of convincing them that Otis had morphed into a typical house pet.

1173. Then several problematic situations arose all at once. It seems to be true that problems and difficulties arise in groups of three. Either problems arise in triplicate, or it is a literary device so often resorted to by writers that people come eventually to think that triplicate disasters are somehow part of the fabric of human events. Obviously in the case of the story of Otis this could never be the case since there is nothing fictional about it.

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