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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mrs. Festini's Hat Box, parts 1246 - 1249

1246. The installation consisted of digging a hole in his yard each morning, and filling it in when he got back home in the evening. He had been doing this for 18 months, and had documented every dig with sketches, photographs, and video clips which he posted to Youtube. He felt his work was exploring the 'futility of archeology,' and he also liked to point out the similarity of his work to that of Wolfgang Laib, since the dirt removed from the hole was piled up in a  cone shape.

1247. But the professor could not escape the iron hand of his personality, and the personalities' profound control over every nuance of every thing a person may chose to do. If you are the precise and overly cautious type, you are going to dig a cautious and over careful hole in the ground. And if you are a wild, uncontrolled person your digging will have the characteristics of your nature. Holes in the ground can be just as different as night and day.

1248. What does a hole in the ground look like if created by the cautious controlling and perfectionist sort of person? It looks like a gardening excavation created by servants of King Louis the XIV on the grounds of Fontainebleau; laid out with silk string and ivory markers, and excavated with silver spades with inlaid ivory handles.

1249. What does a hole in the ground look like if created by the flamboyant, emotionally expressive type? It looks like a trench created by a criminal to throw his victim in as he runs from the police and their dogs, or like a foxhole excavated by a terrified soldier as the enemy bombers approach.

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