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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1186 - 1189

1186. But while he spoke of the problem of the rust on the handle and how the set screw was all screwed up and he had to resort to a hammer and a crowbar to get it off the instrument, all the while curious questions were arising in the back of his mind, questions which could be summed up in one phrase, 'What the Devil sort of a dog is this anyway,I've never seen the like.'

1187. Finally he stopped talking to the Boy and turned his attention entirely to Otis. He took his muzzle in one hand and with his thumb pulled Otis' lip up and began to examine his teeth. After this he took his upper and lower jaws, one in each hand, and pried his mouth open and had a look at all his teeth, just like when you have to give a cat some medicine. He could not figure out how this dog could have such a seriously healthy mouth.

1188. That old vet, staring into Otis' mouth had absolutely no idea how close he was to a sudden unavoidable and instantaneous visit to the Sulphur springs of Southern  Albania. It was all Otis could do to restrain his instinct to put a sudden end to the dental examination and the vet's life all in one sudden motion, but he managed to stay still.

1189. Meanwhile, as the vet sat there looking into death's teeth-filled door this is what he was thinking. 'This is a most remarkable and interesting dog, and for a start he would be a perfect addition to my farm as a guard at night, and also I suspect he would probably fetch at least a hundred and fifty used toasters at the county fair come May. The question is, how to separate the Boy from the dog with the least possible expense and difficulty.'

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