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Friday, February 8, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1198 - 1201

1198. Some time later the Boy found Otis and the two of them continued on their way. They were in the middle of a wood bounded by local roads on all sides, an area crisscrossed by many paths and well known to both of them. Then, unexpectedly they came across some company on the path, directly ahead of them were two wolves, very well know to Otis. These mangy underfed animals would have presented no danger to the Boy, even if he had been alone, but he was hardly alone.

1199. A few minutes later those two wolves lay dead in the path. The Boy understood that his dog was a wolf, and the wolf knew, for all intents and purposes, that he had become a dog belonging to a boy.

1200. This was the second problematic situation arising for Otis and the Boy but we were not about to find out what the third difficulty was, and what constituted the disaster they were about to experience because Aunt Jemima interrupted the Duck at this point in the story with some critical and inquisitive questions.

1201. "Look Professor," Jemima had taken to referring to the Duck as 'The Professor' with a slight tang of sarcasm in her voice. It was a sarcasm that denotes the instinctive suspicion that highly educated persons are truly just simpletons; a view often held by observant persons who happen to have no education what-so-ever.

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