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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mrs. Festini's Hat Box, parts 1270 - 1273

1270. All of these observations of Buboni about Mrs. Festini's lectures began to make me very nervous. I only brought up her lectures because we had been talking about Otis and his split wolf personality. Now Buboni was delving into the secret mind of my teacher Mrs. Festini; where this was going I did not want to find out because there were things about my art class that I had no intention of ever talking about, not with the Duck, not with Buboni, not even with myself.

1271. Fortunately the Duck, perhaps detecting my anxiety, altered the subject by asking Buboni what he had to say about paper napkin snowflakes.  "Oh yes, the snowflakes," said Buboni, as if coming out of a trance. "When, in the story, those paper napkin snowflakes were mentioned I suddenly began to think about actual snowflakes, and their relationship to the paper ones, because there is a relationship, if you think about it.

1272. First of all we have always been told that snowflakes are all unique, no two are the same. Just imagine how many snowflakes have been created since the beginning of time, quite a few I imagine. Not an infinite amount, but still a number with quite a lot of zeros in it. Now, are we really to believe that in all this long time there were not perhaps a few of them that were identical. No, scientists tell us adamantly, sorry, they are all different, that's just how it is.

1273. But there is a reason, and the reason is because the snowflake's form is created by the unique nature of the atmosphere it passes through. There is a one of a kind combination of temperature, air current, and moisture, and all those things act on the drop of water. Each is unique, because the conditions giving rise to each one are unique.

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