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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mrs. Festini's Hat Box, parts 1274 - 1277

1274. Just as no two clouds are the same, no two faces are the same, no two anything are ever really the same; so when children cut out snowflakes from napkins, every one of those patterns is also as individual as the child doing the cutting. Unique also are the scissors, the paper, and the finger and thumb moving the scissors.

1275. This brings us to the most important single statement in Mrs. Festini's story of the two painters and their teacher in the painting studio. The most important remark is the one the professor makes sarcastically to Emma when he says, 'There are painters whose details are so small that they can't be seen even with a microscope.' Who are those painters and what are their paintings like? asked Buboni, rhetorically.

1276. "Nature is the painter whose details are so tiny they can not be seen under the microscope, or God, if you prefer." said the Duck, in response to Buboni's question.

 1277. "God spare us another 'God the creator' sermon," snapped Aunt Jemima. "What are you going to tell us now Duck? Mountains are sculpture, crafted with tools the size of atoms and molecules? The ocean has been painted for us one drop at a time? The truth is, nature may be infinitely complex, and it may all be crafted down to the smallest detail, and it may exist for all eternity, but still, it is just a colossal accident." 

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