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Friday, February 22, 2013

Mrs. Festini's Hat Box, parts 1254 - 1257

1254. At this point she drew a standing figure on the chalk board, and then she drew a line across the picture right at the knees. Then she said.  "At the beach we can see this horizon line, now let’s consider where it is.  I have drawn a standing figure and I put the horizon line level with her knees, Why did I put it there?"

1255. To understand the answer to this question you are going to have to go to the beach. Once you get there, spread out a blanket and lay down facing the water and the horizon. Laying flat on your stomach with your head in your hands, about six inches from the sand, hold up your finger pointing level with the horizon, and observe that the horizon is level with your eyes when you are laying down.

 1256. Now sit on the blanket with your head about thirty inches from the ground, and notice that the horizon line has come up to directly even with your eyes, the horizon line is now thirty inches from the ground also. Finally stand up and observe as you do, that the horizon line stands up also, persistently following the level of you eyes.

 1257. Now that you are standing, jump up and down a few times, and notice that the horizon line will jump up and down with you. That horizon line watches you like a hawk, and your slightest movement up and down is echoed by a similar movement at the horizon.

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