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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mrs. Festini's Breakdown, parts 1374 - 1377

1374. I had heard that some time ago there had been a big argument between the director of the museum and Mrs. Festini. This  happened quite a while ago when the museum still had the old director practically from the time when the institution was founded. He and his secretary had run the place as if it was their own private collection for fifty years. 

1375. When I was taking classes he had retired and been replaced by a much younger man just out of college. It was the old director and his secretary that Mrs. Festini got into an altercation with. It was an argument about the number of students in her class. What was a policeman doing in the sculpture class? That needs an explanation, and has a direct bearing the argument.  In our class we had seven students, three firemen, two policemen, myself and a high school girl interested in casting molds of horses.

1376. The state had offered the firemen and policemen modest pay increases if they enrolled in continuing education classes at our community college. Many of them signed up, and their greatest interest was in the art classes because they noticed that it was unnecessary to attend in order to get a passing grade. The community college passed these classes on to the museum, so as not to be bothered with them, and many of these men were in our classes.

1377. Mrs. Festini, being the kind of woman she was, would not give them a passing grade unless they attended all the sessions and turned in their work. Surprisingly they became very engrossed in the class, they were all hunters and fisherman, and produced endless images of trout, deer, and other animals created with practically the same devotion as Dennis Bezanowitz that Buboni told us about.

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