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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mrs. Festini's Breakdown, parts 1406 - 1409

1406. All of this was correct except for the last part, which was a complete lie. The entire problem was that the museum never told Agnes she had no money due to her, or tax forms either. It was a bold faced lie, told by the secretary simply to cover herself because she had never bothered to return the long suffering teacher's calls. 

1407. This was a tragic and frightening moment for Mrs. Festini. Ultimately for her, it had nothing to do with tax forms, was unrelated to payment, it was not even about simple respect and consideration, it was a situation where her integrity as a rational person and as an artist was being called into question.

1408. Accidental circumstances, put in motion by her insensitive and disinterested husband created a situation where she was being perceived as someone not quite in her right mind. For several seconds she stood in front of the secretary saying nothing, then suddenly she slapped the secretary in the face, then she passed out. Later she woke up in the hospital.

 1409. She was kept in the hospital overnight and then released to the care of her husband. Her husband had her committed to a very expensive convalescent home where she recuperated for a month. Then she returned home, a very angry, completely different sort of Agnes Festini.

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