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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Otis' Dream, parts 1314 - 1317

1314. The carpenter's drink of water may not be commemorated in any poem or described in any treatise. You can not find it somehow fossilized in stone in the layers of the earth. No painter ever included it as a detail in a painting as Bruegel so often did. But a record of it and what it signified will always exist, where it is stored I can't say, but stored it surely is, along with every other real thing that has happened that we think is long ago forgotten.

1315. I don't suppose you have ever read Freud's work the title of which is "The Logical inevitability of the Content of Dreams." "No," said Buboni, "because he never wrote any work with that title." To prove his point he got out his iPad, and called up Freud's biography.

1316. Freud's biography did not have that title. All Buboni could find was 'The Interpretation of Dreams.' "You are not going to find it on your iPad, because it was never published. It languishes in Vienna where it is jammed behind the third drawer of an old Biedermeier Secretary that Freud used to house his collection of 19th Century comic books.  Before it was lost I managed to have a look at it.  The premise it quite simple," explained the Duck.

 1317. Freud speculated that if you know enough of the circumstances of a person's life combined with salient details of the day proceeding the dream, you can construct with almost mathematical certainty the content of a dream, its arc, and its contradictions. In describing Otis' dream, I am just using the principals established by Freud, in his works on the subject.

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