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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Otis' Dream, parts 1326 - 1329

1326. So also with Freud's theory of dream production, it wasn't until the day he sat down at his desk with his cigar and was turning the pages of the first collection of the photographs of Charles Negre that it suddenly dawned on him. Just as the book was a collection of photographs, so his mind was making a collection of the images he was at that moment looking at.

1327. He conceived of his entire life as one long accumulation of black and white badly printed, scratched and granny images stored in the brain by the millions. These stored images must simply be the raw materials from which his dreams were constructed. Anyone who has a collection of photographs knows for a fact that they all become mixed up and confused, hence the clutter and confusion of the dream sequence.

1328. Freud imagined himself as a microscopic man walking throughout the enormous, cavernous departments of the brain as it hums along executing its millions of functions. At the end of a long dark hallway he finds the rooms of the dream production department. Never mind for now just why the dreams are being assembled. The purpose or importance doesn’t matter. Freud knows for a fact that dreams are being made in there! How is it accomplished?

1229. The dream department of the brain receives directions, recommendations, and scripts from the production script-writing department. The numerous employees set about, as best they can, assembling the necessary images from a lifetime of archives. Huge tables are littered with every imaginable sort of picture; no adequate way to catalogue them will ever be arrived at because there are so many.

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