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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Otis' Dream, parts 1306 - 1309

1306. But then, in the twinkling of an eye, the grassy shore turns itself into a steep slope with rocks, prickers and brambles. Though unoccupied moments before, now there are all of these angry wolves. Where did they come from?  Why can't the dream be nice for a change. But no, unexpected problems and disasters are all that can be expected from dreams.

 1307. Dreams are invariably like that. They hold out hope to you, a means of escape, and then as the opportunity presents itself, the petulant, insidious dream produces some pointless obstacle. Who are these dreams creators working for anyway. Why do dreams behave this way, you ask. Why is it that nine times out of ten a dream which is promising to have a delightful outcome, just at the last minute rearranges itself so that your salvation becomes something odious instead.

1308. "Well then," said Buboni, "Not only do we have Aunt Jemima's stories with accounts of peoples prayers, now we have a real oddity: the details of the dreams of a dog like wolf from a thousand years ago. Pray tell us Duck, how on earth would you know what some dog might be dreaming. How can you be sure that perhaps he was having an entirely different dream. If he was starving I think it more likely that he would be dreaming of cranberry scones and jam with tea."

1309. The dream of scones and tea could be concocted with the same dream like devices such as the scone transforming itself into a stone, and the tea becomes spoiled milk.  The kind portly woman giving the wolf the tea is bound to mutate into the veterinarian's wife, recently returned from the spas in Albania and she plans to chain Otis to a stake in the yard if only she can find the way out of her bedroom that now has no doors, even though it had several just minutes ago.

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