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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Otis' Dream, parts 1346 - 1349

1346. These two ideas were the beginning of his analysis. He would have produced more variations if time allowed but he died before he finished this work. He died, but not before he completed his theory of the production of dreams. The idea that was missing was creeping around in his unconscious like the coming on of a migraine headache.

 1347. Finally if burst into the night of day in his brain. His brain all this time was not storing black and white photographs in hat boxes, it was storing clips of black and white silent films in tin cylinders. If he had lived just a few more years he would have been able to add sound to his theory, and it goes without saying that his followers would later add color.

1348. With this addition his theory of dream production was complete. Details continued to keep him awake at night. He could not reconcile his film clip archival assemblage concept with the idea that forms mutated in dreams from one thing to another. He could not imagine at that time that photo-shop and computer animation would arise to both complete and vindicate all of his theories.

1349. I was trying as best I could to pay attention to the Duck's lecture about Freud and the production of dreams, and although I understood the basic ideas and agreed with Freud's concepts, still the very subject was forcing me to continually remember an old faded black and white photograph I saw once, an old photo that I came across by accident and that altered the trajectory of my life at the time.

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