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Monday, March 4, 2013

Otis' Dream, parts 1294 - 1297

1294. As for Otis he made his way south, in the woods by day, and the road by night, never knowing for sure who he now was, or what he was now supposed to be doing. Various old notions rattled around in his head, he had to find a place where buildings were constructed only from 'marbles', how could their be such a thing? But that was the odd idea handed down for generations.

1295. The stone monuments he would have to climb over would, for some reason, be extremely cold, and covered with ice and snow. He was to look for very important people in robes, who went by the name of Jesus' Seizures.  These notions, completely wrong, were also hopelessly out of date.

1296. The journey Otis was embarked on was fraught with dangers, but the single most difficult problem was what to eat each day. If he had been simply a wolf, uncorrupted by living among people for many months, there would be little problem, but he had become accustomed to a rich diet: delicious food he had to exert no effort to find. Returning again to a diet of moles, mice, rats, and the occasional rabbit was the most difficult problem of his journey.

1297. He found he could not keep a mouse down. He might be so hungry he was dizzy, and yet it was impossible to look at his dinner with anything but disgust. Meanwhile, he came down with a terrible sore throat.   Perhaps you yourself have gone on a long trip someplace. You may start out full of excitement, your mind is full of half formed images of the new and unexpected things you are going to see, but then you feel this tingling in the back of your throat.

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