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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mrs. Festini's Breakdown, parts 1394 - 1397

1394. I wish I could say that was the end of her difficulties with the old museum director and his secretary, but it was just the beginning. Agnes, -Mrs. Festini's first name was Agnes- returned home with her check and reported it to her husband. Later the doctor passed the information on to his accountant; then about two weeks went by. At the end of that time the accountant called the doctor and asked about the specific amount, and if there would be a 1099 tax form to file.

1395. Dr. Festini, just like most doctors never concerned himself with the details of financial arrangements, so he asked Agnes to call the museum and to find out if there would be a tax form they would issue recording her payments for tax purposes. Neither Agnes, the accountant, or the doctor was aware that there had been no actual payment, and therefore no tax form would be issued. And so again no response was forthcoming from the museum.

1396. In the meantime both the doctor and the accountant continued to badger Agnes about the tax forms. Poor Mrs. Festini; she felt a distinct, embarrassment about the previous altercation; she blamed it on herself, and yet she was unable to get the necessary information out of the museum office. The date for the tax filing was fast approaching, and the doctor was almost rude several times to his wife about the matter in the morning over breakfast. 

1397. The secretary was out sick for twelve days with the flu, and the director knew nothing about anything in the first place, and besides he was obsessed at that time with the arrival of some antiquities from Mesopotamia, with missing requisition forms.

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