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Monday, March 11, 2013

Otis' Dream, parts 1322 - 1325

1322. The third category, and the most important are the dreams that map out a future course of action in either your social, or your business affairs.  These dreams include tax papers that are endless and of which several pages are lost, trips to the bank where you safe deposit box has other peoples old cloths in it, visits from out of state in-laws who are very angry but you don't know why, and  positive pregnancy tests combined with high cholesterol readings on impossible to read fax printouts.

1323. But the purpose of dreams simply pales in comparison to what Freud had to say about how dreams are produced in the brain. You simply will not believe the outlandish concepts he came up with on this subject. He begins this topic, as he so often does, with an offhand discussion of the development of the camera. Consider that Freud was born in 1856, and photography was still in its infancy when Sigmund was still in his diapers.

1324. It goes without saying therefore that there is a connection between the development of photography, and the evolution of the Freud's theories concerning dreams. Freud was often heard to say, "In the middle of the night with my eyes closed I can see views of mountains, ships in flames sinking in a sea of ink, my  father dancing in drag and talking ashtrays. Where, I ask you, where are these images coming from." 

1325. Just as it took the invention of the steam locomotive before Einstein could dream up his theory of relativity, so it took the invention of photography for Freud to dream up his theory of dream production. Einstein boarded the train bound for Detroit, and found himself arriving in Cincinnati because the train was traveling in the opposite direction he thought it was going in. Hence the theory of relativity was born.

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