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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Otis The King, parts 1507 - 1510

1507. Otis thought that if he had to assign them an occupation, an endeavor at which their shortcomings and there inadequacies could be turned to a profit, then they should be traveling entertainers who set up a makeshift stage in a village, and entertain all comers for a copper. They would act out scenes of desperation suffering and death for the merriment of a crowd, who always are longing to laugh at the misfortunes of others.

1508. Otis was exactly correct in this observation, but perhaps his intuition was augmented by a few distant memories, the shadowy recollection of the very same men who had passed through the blacksmith’s village, the day before he began his work as a spy, that his wolf family had assumed were traveling musicians.

1509. Otis, having decided to attach himself to the traveling comedians, set to work first thing in the morning to win their trust and confidence. He correctly assumed that the only way to be free of the collar and the leash was to convince them that he had no interest in running away from them.

1510. He engaged in the usual dog like humiliations such as groveling, begging and staring intently at morsels of food, but he put all of his hopes in one thing, fetch. Fetch is a game as important to the master as to the dog. In fetch, the ego of the master is constantly petted and reinforced. In the mind of the master, the dog is a pet that will run to the ends of the earth in order to retrieve a possession.

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