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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Museum Show, parts 1490 - 1493

1490. The opening was comical for her until a disaster struck. Having made her way to the far end of the small room to the place where her picture was, she discovered to her consternation that where her picture had been, there was just a small blank area of wall. The explanation for the missing picture seemed obvious to her, the powers that be probably decided to hang it in a different spot and so it became necessary to make her way through the entire exhibition and find it.

1491. This would had been a difficult project even if she had been clear headed, but she was far from it. She made her way through the rooms like a little mouse going along as close to the edge of the walls as it was possible in the crowd. She scanned all the wall surfaces in search of her little watercolor still life to no avail.
1492. It took her one-hour to tour the entire exhibit space, but her picture was nowhere to be found. It was impossible to be sure she had looked at every painting because of the tendency of pictures to suddenly shift position right before her eyes. She would be looking directly at a profile portrait head numbered 287, and suddenly it would disappear and be replaced in her view by a blue and brown sloppy abstraction number 278. 

1493. The numbering of all the pictures in the exhibit offered her a solution to her problem. She found the exhibition list and proceeded to go once again all through the rooms, looking at each picture one at a time. Her picture was supposed to be 724, but there was no 724 to be found. 

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