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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Museum Show, parts 1482 - 1485

1482. Even those artists who spend their days in prison in solitary confinement are doing paintings and drawings remarkably similar to other artists also in solitary. "Your consciousness may not be universal," interjected the Duck at this point, "but your experiences all overlap, and that is why so many people do so many identical things, even when they pride themselves on their individuality.

1483. But to return to Agnes and her first work exhibited in a museum show. What Buboni described was very nearly the truth concerning Agnes' still life painting. It was hung in a small room off the main room, and it was hung salon style along with numerous similar works, mostly still life watercolors and landscapes. She did not find it down in a corner or up by the ceiling, but nearly eye level over in the corner. 

1484. She was not offended in anyway by the placement, on the contrary she was overjoyed to see it again in its new temporary setting. She only wished that it could have been in a better mat and frame but there was nothing she could do about it. The show was opened to the public on a Thursday after the installation had been completed, and the grand opening was scheduled for Saturday evening from 5 - 7. She told her parents, but they had expensive tickets to the theatre so they could not attend.

1485. She arrived at the museum promptly at five o'clock and found herself engulfed in the most peculiar experience of her life so far. The entire exhibit room of the museum was crammed with people wall to wall, everyone talking at once. Everyone seemed to know everyone else, and they were all extremely overjoyed to be seeing each other again. It was so crowded that Agnes could not even make her way through the masses of people to get to the room with her painting.

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