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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The museum Show, parts 1486 - 1489

1486. One of the strangest things about the opening was that everyone was drinking wine from little plastic cups. In a corner she found a table covered with a white cloth on which she found bottles of red and white wine, plus plates of cheese and crackers. She helped herself to the cheese and crackers, and also poured herself a glass of wine, something she had never tried before. After finishing her wine she made her way along the wall trying to look at each painting one by one.

1487. At each painting her way was blocked by little knots of well dressed people all talking at once who were oblivious to her attempts to get to the spot where she could view a picture adequately. It was even necessary to slightly bump into people to get them to move an inch or so to make way for her, this was difficult at first but became easier after her second glass of wine. Like a few years ago when she was thirteen, she was very curious what people were saying about the pictures.

1488. The conversations she overheard however had nothing to do with the exhibit or the paintings, as a matter of fact Agnes couldn't help but notice that nobody was looking at or talking about the pictures at all. When she finished with her third glass of wine she decided to work her way to the back of the main hall and go in and have a look at her little picture in the side room. Suddenly this became extremely difficult as the exhibit room began to sway and tilt in unexpected angles like a ship at sea. 

1489. "So," she said to herself, "this is what happens when you drink wine, the museum room turns into a boat and none of the pictures stay in one spot. You have to have a look at them as they go by, and then wait till they come around again and have another look." There seemed to be something very funny about the tendency of the pictures to float along the walls, and this combined with her light-headed feeling made the opening seem to her to be very comical.

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