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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Trip To The Museum, parts 1442 - 1445

1442. Agnes was not sure what the secretary intended to do with her ear, but from her experience in school, she imagined that her ear would be conducted to the museum's equivalent of the principal's office, where it would receive a reprimand, and then a call would be placed to her parents.

1443. If you have been led someplace by the ear then probably you remember that it puts you in a position where, although you can't stand upright, nevertheless, you are compelled to try and walk as best you can, limping and hobbling along. Although the journey by pulled ear my not last very long, nevertheless it is conducive to a very rapid and deep thought processes.

1444. In a moment all of the injustices of human history seem to come flooding into your brain; entire scenes of the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch trials flash before your mind. Stumbling down the museum's marble steps trying to keep from falling, Agnes felt a connection to all those who have ever been unjustly accused of crimes they not only did not commit, but didn't even know were crimes. 

1445. It is being pulled by the ear by some idiot in a position of authority that surely gave rise to the Magna Carta. It is not that the Magna Carta was written immediately after the ear pulling, the document my have been written many decades after the event. It is the unjust punishment administered in a humiliating way that makes a person desire to upend society as they know it, and replace it with something else; anything else will usually suffice. 

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