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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Museum Show, parts 1454 - 1457

1454. She did a watercolor still life, and was on pins and needles for two weeks in anticipation of whether her picture would be chosen by the judges to be included in the show. This was her first painting done entirely on her own, outside of the art class of school. According to the show prospectus, works on paper had to be framed appropriately so her first consideration was to find a frame and a mat suitable for the picture she planned to paint.

1455. She went shopping in second hand-stores and found many frames that could have been suitable, but most had art work of sufficient value to make the purchase too expensive, but she managed to find a suitable frame with a glass and mat, the only problem being that the mat which was probably white at one time was now a depressing brown color. She took it home and took it apart, and painted the mat white with house paint.

1456. She set to work to paint her watercolor painting of some flowers. She thought this would present no problem but it turned out to be otherwise. She was so long trying to arrange her flowers in an interesting way that she had to go to bed before she even started working on the painting. In the morning all the flowers were drooped and wilted so she had so start over again.

1457. Her second attempt was more successful but once she finished the flowers and the vase she considered that she simply had to do something else with the background. She was very pleased with the flowers; thought the vase was adequate, but promptly proceeded to ruin the entire thing by painting the background all black.

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