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Friday, April 26, 2013

Otis The King, parts 1511 - 1514

1511. It is no wonder then, that whenever a master engages in fetch with his dog, the greatest satisfaction results from throwing the object as far away as possible; the farther the better. So, picture if you will, a master playing fetch, and he can only throw the stick a few feet, never further than the end of the leash, tied to a stake in the ground.

1512. No, that will never do, both dog and man want the stick to fly as far as possible. Otis, knowing this, invited his new masters to play fetch and no sooner had the game began that the collar came off, never to be attached to his neck ever again.

1513. As I said before, his three new masters were not the most intelligent of men. Being rather dumb, they tended to occupy their spare time in simple pursuits such as card games and checkers. Otis found these games very boring and would have preferred collecting herbs and wildflowers, cataloging them and finding the Latin names for them in anthologies, but he had to adjust himself to the intellectual milieu of his surroundings.

1514. How it was that the youngest of the comics continually lost at checkers to the old man was very confusing to Otis. If Otis had been able to move the pieces himself, losing would not have been a possibility. What was it like for Otis to watch a game of checkers? Imaging you are watching children play tic-tac-toe and one child keeps losing, regardless of if he goes first or last.

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