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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Trip To The Museum, parts 1438 - 1441

1438. The Greeks when modeling their figures liked to have the entire work consist of one complete piece of stone, but often because of the shape of the block, or the difficulties of the pose it was necessary to sculpt individual forms separately and attach then later by means of holes drilled in each piece and connected with a plug.

1439. This piecemeal form of sculptural construction is very noticeable, if the forms are undamaged one can see a seam, but if the form of an arm or leg is broken off, there is a hole where the connection had been. The statue that Agnes was looking at out of the corner of her eye was of this type. She was reluctant to have a look at it, but was extremely curious as to why there was a hole where the opposite of a hole should have been.

1440. She decided to have one last look at the Egyptian collection, but before she left the paintings room she walked up to the marble man and had a look at it. What she saw made absolutely on sense to her; it was inexplicable. She took a very close look, and suddenly felt a sharp pain in her right ear lobe. 

1441. It was thus that Agnes had her first introduction to the director's secretary, many years ago, by being led out of the room of the secret paintings and broken sculpture by the ear, as if she had been committing a crime by looking at a two thousand year old piece of marble with a hole in it. 

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