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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Museum Show, parts 1462 - 1465

1462. She took her picture down to the museum where she found a long line of artists waiting to submit their works to the show. For the past few years she had seen every one of the juried shows at the museum but the line of artists submitting works, and their paintings was something entirely new to her. She had no idea that for every thirty or forty pictures submitted only one or two would find their way into the show.

1463. The line of artists was therefore an exhibit unto itself, an exhibit mostly of works soon to be rejected. Agnes knew nothing about art at that point but she could see in an instant that the majority of the things people were submitting were never going to appear in the show. What, she wondered, would the judges think of several paint by numbers landscapes complete with thick globs of paint filling in all those little shapes.

1464. Would they ever accept a portrait of Elvis done in oil from a glossy photograph, where the features had all but disappeared, encroached upon by the surrounding flesh?

1465. One man had a white canvas on which he had poured black ink. Once the ink ran from the top to bottom he had turned it on its side, and let it run in drips in the other direction.  Agnes looked again at her first still life painting and had a surge of hope, just from her visits to the previous shows she realized her picture was probably going to be accepted.

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