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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Trip To The Museum, parts 1422 - 1425

1422. Then after a long silence he elaborated. "It has pictures of naked ladies, naked men where you can see the parts, and in the corner there is a marble statue of a boy, and you can see his thing. His thing is very small and goes to a funny point. It was carved in Greece thousands of years ago. His thing got broken off and later the museum people glued it back on, and you can see the crack where they had to fix it."

 1423. That is why we didn't get to go into that room, because of the naked ladies and the broken thing on the statue. The nuns phoned ahead to ask them to lock it up, but they didn't get to it till we arrived. You can go in there any day of the week and see all the naked ladies and men you want, but there aren't any real naked pictures like photographs; just made up stuff done with paint. Some of the ladies are even fat looking. 

1424. Agnes wondered about this for a long time and finally decided to ask her parents about it. Agnes asked, "Is it true that if you look at a thing a long time it will get worn out, and that is why things in museums are kept locked up?" The answer to this question turned out to be negative, and so, by obvious logical deduction she concluded that the theory of the naked ladies was the correct one. 

1425. It was not till a year later that Agnes got to tour the room of the naked ladies. Her mother had a doctor's appointment and dropped Agnes off at the museum so she would have something to do for an hour rather than wait in the office. Alone in the museum Agnes did not go directly to the mysterious room. She walked past its open doors without even looking in, and went instead to the Egyptian collection to look at the mummy. 

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