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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2524 - 2527

 2524. He tried to imaging what the expert visitors might say of his many portraits painted now on his back wall, numbering over one hundred, since four months had gone by since he began his project. He couldn’t help but imagine those very important people lined up behind him as he worked, all rubbing their chins in silent admiration.

 2525. One of them is admiring how he had painted all his faces different sizes, and yet managed to get them all to fit together like a puzzle, and another comments that even though he has only a limited choice of colors, he has used his tones to the utmost advantage.

2526. Then, as he works, his imaginary audience disappears and is replaced by different spectators; he imagines the other students are looking on and finding fault with everything he has done. They are especially critical of all his portraits that have been done in profile, and one of them says, “You see, in Faldoni’s world, all people go around sideways, and never turn and face you directly.”

2527. “Faldoni is obviously one of those ancient Egyptians, because they say that the Egyptians actually went around only sideways to each other, as can be clearly seen by their wall paintings.”

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