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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2580 - 2583

 2580. Furthermore, you might point out to me that nothing is exactly as it appears but has to be understood as part of a matrix, and it is the matrix that provides the identity of a thing, and not the accumulated impressions of a lot of independent absolute identities.

 2581. But, listen to what you are saying. You are telling me that things like colors, shapes, tints and hues do not have absolute identities, and are subject to constant variation depending on the flux of the environment, and, as a consequence you might say that there are no concrete absolute perceptual identities for things. Everything is in flux, and constantly changing. Next you will be telling there is no such thing as reality at all.

 2582. I simply can’t accept that notion of yours and I reject it unconditionally. I think it is absolutely false, and not only is it false but it is dangerous and pernicious and in the end those notions go right to the subway stop labeled, “No right and no wrong,” and I do not want to live it such a disturbed place.

2583. I remember one time I was watching a play in a theater and the actors and actresses were dressed in red costumes and saying their lines against an architectural backdrop which was all various tints of green and blue.

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