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Monday, December 23, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2572 - 2575

 2572. I have a copy of the January 2014 “Architectural Digest,” on my table, it just came today. On the first page is an advertisement for Sub-Zero refrigerators. The page is almost all orange, tomato orange. Tear out that page and make two little squares of one inch each of that orange color. Be sure the squares are the same tint of orange.

 2573. When you make these squares of orange, be careful not to let any of the white show along the edges such as happens if you don’t tear if carefully. You don’t want those little white ragged edges to show. Those white edges are very effective when used in collage, but have no place in scientific experiments such as this is.

 2574. On page two is an advertisement for Rolex. It is mostly white, tear out that white page and get rid of the light gray area at the top, so you just have  the bottom third that is pure white. 

 2575. Next, turn to page 19, which is an advertisement for Kohler bathroom products. It is mostly all black. Now place your white Rolex page over half of the Kohler page. Now you have a surface that is half white and half black. After you have done that put your two little squares of tomato orange on that page, one on the black area and one on the white. 

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