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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2552 - 2555

 2552. So when Faldoni said to himself that the sun came up on his right hand side, this is an especially apt example of his philosophy. He did not think of it as a philosophy however, because simple people do not have philosophies, they are just stating the obvious truth as they comprehend it in their naivety. 

 2553. Similarly, he did not realize that it was not possible to do any paintings which the other students would not find fault with. The tendency to imagine that things you yourself find beautiful will be found beautiful by everyone else is another characteristic of Faldonian thinking applied to a conception of aesthetics. 

 2554. For a Faldonian, things which are beautiful appear beautiful to everybody, and things that are ugly, are obviously going to be ugly to everyone. This goes without saying; at least to them.

2555. Faldonians can’t help but notice that there are exceptions to these rules and anyone can find individuals who will insist that beauty is relative, and will proceed to find fault with, for example, roses in bloom, sunsets, smiling babies, and kittens.

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