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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2568 - 2571

 2568. I am sure there is someone who might be reading this who is going to say, “So what if the face is painted first, and the background after, or visa-versa? What difference could it possibly make? What is a person supposed to do, paint everything at once, working on the foreground and the background all at the same time with two hands and two brushes?”

 2569. But it does make a difference. The effect of a color changes when the color of the area around it changes, and the effect is so great that the color first put down surrounded by white, can seem like an entirely different color when the surrounding area is filled in with a darker color. I am going to prove it to you, and you may be very surprised.

 2570. Go get a magazine: for example, “Architectural Digest.” If you want to do the experiment with the January issue of Architectural Digest then go get a copy from the library, almost every library has it and just tear out page 1, page 2, and also page 19. The library won’t mind. Take the pages home and do this experiment , but really, any magazine will do.

2571. “House Beautiful,” or even something like “Better Homes and Gardens,” is fine. I happen to like using Architectural Digest for my color experiments because all of the advertisements have to do with architecture and design, and there is no space given over to advertisements for various kinds of medicines, such as are found in the unsuccessful interior decorating magazines.

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