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Monday, December 16, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2544 - 2547

 2544. The business of the sunlight lighting up his fingers was not so obvious as the effect of the light on his orange, but still it was pretty easy for him to see that the effect was the same: being that the part of his fingers which faced the light was a lighter tint of finger color than the parts that did not face the light.

 2545. Although Faldoni liked the imaginary praise of his imaginary visitors to his cell, he was most disturbed by his imaginary critics. And although he was doing all of his paintings only for himself, and was certain they would never be seen by anyone, the disruption of vanity, which everyone suffers from, began to gnaw at him, and he considered how to change his work so that if ever it should be seen, the apprentices would admire it.

 2546. With this in mind he began to do all of his portrait heads with his new discovery, having every face look like it was lit up by a light coming from the right hand side. Once he had mastered light coming from the right, he began to practice painting faces lit from the left. He called these various heads “Morning heads,” and “Evening Heads,” because the light comes from the right in the morning, and comes from the left in the evening.

2547. It is not really true that light comes from the right in the morning and from the left in the afternoon. This is only true if you consider the source of light from one point of view. For example, if you are looking to the North, the sun does come up on your right hand side, and it does set on your left hand side.

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